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Am a Maths trainer with 7+ years of teaching experience. I have taught students for GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT. In GMAT my students have scored in the range of Q35-Q50 starting from Q19-Q40 respectively.


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Any competitive Maths Exam or Topic

All Classes are one on one. Classes are focused on student's weakness.

One on One Lessons:


Classes happen online over zoom video call and also one-on-one in person classes is Bangalore (Bsavangudi), India

Group Sessions:

Group sessions are also possible if you want to join in a group with 1-2 of your friends


What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

Q15 to Q37

​​​"Ankit is a dedicated guy. He helped me with my GMAT algebra. We used to spend a lot of time playing math games which was very fun because I personally do not like math in general. He always pushed me and was working with me before he left for work and after he came back from work. I live in California so I appreciated that he was able to accommodate me as best as he could considering our time zone differences. If I needed GMAT coaching again I would not hesitate hiring him again. Also, he was very inexpensive. I used to pay a lot more for coaching in the USA for far lesser quality of teaching GMAT math. If you attended school in the West he will show you tricks from the East - some very cool and easy tricks to solve different math problems!"

- Ursha