GMAT Score

  • 700 (Q-51, V-31)


  •   7+ Years of Teaching Experience
  • 50+ Students from Various Geographies (India, US, UK, Bangladesh)

Modes of Teaching

  • One-on-One (Basavanagudi, Bangalore)
  • Online


  • B.Tech., Computer Engg NITK Surathkal, 2008
  • MBA, Jamshedpur in 2014

Who is Teaching in BrushMyQuant ?


Your Personal Tutor for Quant (GMAT/GRE/SAT)

BrushMyQuant was started with the belief that

"Every student has the Ability to Learn and Succeed"

 It all started on July 2011, with a student named Ursha. Ursha was paying an exorbitant amount of money on an hourly basis to a tutor to get her basic GMAT Quant questions/doubts clarified. She wasn’t being benefited by it which was when our tutor approached her and offered to cover all quantitative topics of GMAT for a very reasonable price. They started discussing the problems and solutions daily over emails for around 4 to 5 months. When the student finally took her GMAT, she did see a significant improvement in her Quant score.

​From one student, it moved on to many more. The teaching method evolved from emails to Skype calls, whiteboards and in-person classes at the Tutor's or Student's home.